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This Morning from CBS News, December 30, 2016

Sand trucks

New York City is preparing to welcome nearly two million people to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. And in the wake of the terror attacks in Europe in which trucks were driven into crowds, the NYPD is adding a unique security layer.

On the books

Hundreds of laws passed this year will take effect across the country Sunday – and some are raising eyebrows. In California alone, 900 measures were approved, and in Illinois, residents will wake up with almost 200 new ones to follow.

Taking the pulse

A historic presidential campaign, the economy, race relations, and terrorism were some of the topics covered in CBS News Polls over the course of 2016. Here’s a look at back at what Americans were thinking this year.

Closing time

The long-struggling company behind two of the country’s biggest retail chains – Sears and Kmart -- is shuttering locations next year and unloading assets to conserve cash amid growing doubts about its viability under billionaire CEO Edward Lampert. We offer analysis -- and a list of the stories that will be no more.


Automation and changing consumer habits are pushing 10 occupations -- some that will surprise you -- to the wayside in 2017 and not-so-distant future -- some at an alarming rate.


Your good intentions could easily fade after January, so here’s how to increase your odds of successfully saving more in 2017 for your retirement years. We offer seven tips to make your retirement resolutions stick.

Wise notions

When some of the nation’s top doctors make New Year’s resolutions, they’re not just the same old vows to lose weight and hit the gym. “We’re all a work in progress,” as one put it, and they’ve got some inspiring ideas about how to live a better life in 2017.

Cheese capers

Thieves in Italy have been targeting precious Parmesean. In fact, Parmiggiano Reggiano is so valuable, at over $500 per wheel, that some banks take it as collateral for loans!

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Science and Tech

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