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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 9, 2015

Trump's backers

After Donald Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the U.S., celebrities who back the Republican presidential candidate have largely remained quiet amid the furor, but some white supremacists, predictably, are praising him for the policy suggestion.

San Bernardino

As the FBI investigates the activities of the San Bernardino shooting suspects in the weeks leading up to their deadly rampage, first responders are coming forward with their stories, including one officer who was shot in the thigh in the final confrontation with the killers.

Tidal power

We all know about wind and solar power, but there's a new kind of power that's about to come on-stream -- and it's a wonder it hasn't been exploited before. In a remote coastal town in Scotland, one of the newest ideas in renewable energy comes from the oldest of sources - the oceans.

Student scientists

Three teenage girls walked away with the top prizes at the 2015 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. Their work focused on developing new technology to help clean up the planet -- and shines a spotlight on young women scientists leading the way.

Debt to death

More than 1 in 5 Americans expect to die in debt, a new report shows. We look at why so many people are in a financial hole they can't seem to climb out of.

X-ray tech

One of Superman's greatest powers is seeing through walls, using x-ray vision, but that ability may no longer be limited to comic book heroes. It's not science fiction, but a very real and promising technology that's being developed by researchers at MIT.

Injustice system?

In the latest courtroom dispatch from journalist-turned-Florida-public-defender Kim Segal, she says her first year in the new role has left her shocked by the way poor and minority Americans are treated by a justice system that seems to care more about criminal convictions than about our nation's Constitution.

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