San Bernardino massacre first responders recall dramatic rescues

We are getting a look inside the room where the two San Bernardino shooting suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, opened fire. A newly-released photo shows county employee Julie Swann-Paez receiving an award just before the attack, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

Swann-Paez was shot twice in the pelvis, but survived. Now more than a dozen first responders are sharing their stories.

"I don't feel like a hero whatsoever," detective Jorge Lozano said.

Lozano was captured on cell phone video leading shooting survivors to safety.

"I'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure, just be cool, okay?" Lozano could be heard saying.

"There was a female there, with a small child, maybe an 8-year-old little boy, that was just terrified," Lozano said. "And I said what I said."

"But did you feel exposed? Did you feel like when you opened that door, that shooter could be on the other end?" Evans asked him.

"Yes, sir," he replied.

Officer Nicholas Koahou was one of two officers injured, shot in the thigh in the final confrontation with the killers. He left his vehicle to pull another officer to safety.

"When I was hit, the male was already down on the street," Koahou said. "So I did not know who was in the back of that car, shooting at us. But I could hear rifle fire coming out of the back of that car."

Now he said he knows it was Malik firing at him.

According to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, investigators have no sign that the San Bernardino shooters belonged to a larger terror cell. The FBI is still tracking what Farook and Malik were doing before the shooting rampage that left 14 dead.

San Bernardino shooters practiced shooting before attack

U.S. officials now say both shooters had pledged their allegiance to ISIS and had been radicalized for some time. CBS News learned Farook received a $28,500 loan before the attacks, and the couple may have planned to use that money to help the daughter they would leave behind. Farook's loan was from online lender Prosper, and investigators are now trying to follow the money.

They're also questioning Enrique Marquez, a longtime friend of Farook's who purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack. He could face charges for his involvement. His family had no comment Tuesday.

It's also unclear if Farook's mother knew about the pending attack. Last week, FBI agents seized several items after searching her black Lexus in front of the apartment she shared with the couple, including targets from the gun range her son visited.

Investigators said surveillance footage shows the attackers' SUV in a nearby shopping mall the day before the shooting. It's unclear what the couple was doing there.

As for the Inland Regional Center, law enforcement still has control of the scene and officials said two of the buildings won't re-open until next year at the earliest. The building where the shooting took place will remain closed indefinitely.