This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 20, 2014

Civilian peacekeepers join hands to separate demonstrators protesting the shooting of Michael Brown from the police in Ferguson, Missouri on August 19, 2014


Mostly peaceful

The streets of Ferguson, Missouri filled once more with demonstrators last night, but the scene was much more subdued than on any of the previous five nights, with smaller crowds. For hours, the protest was lively but peaceful. But after midnight, tensions rose as officers tried to remove the relatively small number of protesters who hadn't left.

Eric Holder's mission

The fact that the U.S. attorney general is personally traveling to Missouri today sends a message that this investigation is not just a top priority of the administration, but for him.

A Policing disparity

Protesters say long before Michael Brown was killed, Ferguson cops policed by race. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports African-Americans make up two-thirds of the city's residents, but 93 percent of arrests involve black people.

Journalist murdered

CBS News contributor and former deputy CIA director Mike Morell explains on "CBS This Morning" what American intelligence officials might be able to glean from the gruesome video purportedly showing the execution of American journalist James Foley by a member of the extremist group ISIS, and how he believes President Obama should -- and should not -- react to the direct threat from the Sunni Islamic extremists.

Mickelson honors

Military families were honored prior to the start of golf's Pro-Am tournament. CBS News' Norah O'Donnell sat down with Phil Mickelson and talked about his special bond with the military.

Passion profits

Women are starting businesses faster than ever -- close to 1,300 a day. CBS News correspondent Vinita Nair reports most do so with their own money after having trouble finding investors.

iPhone boost

Rumors of the iPhone 6 and a "new product line" helped pushed Apple stock to new highs. Despite the sky high prices, analysts have reasons to recommend more buying.

Poaching pachyderms

Poachers are getting rich selling tusks and so are killing African elephants by the tens of thousands. Intricate ivory carvings are a status symbol for China's wealthy elite. CBS News' Holly Williams reports that the elephants are at a tipping point.

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