The Top Resume Tips of 2010 (Dave's Picks)

Last Updated Dec 19, 2010 9:19 PM EST

The Jobpocalypse might have fizzled a bit -- we're not all running around the Australian Outback, living out a Mad Max existence, but jobs can still be a bit challenging to come by. Here's a roundup of some resume tips to help you land your next gig.

Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Let's start with the basics. Here are some oft-overlooked, but elementary things you should absolutely do to your resume.

10 Resume Errors That Will Land You in the Trash

Once you've got the basics covered, it's time to fine-tune that resume. Here are 10 common mistakes that could easily cost you an interview opportunity.

Fast and Easy Online Resumes

Here's a nifty site you can use to bang out a resume without jumping through lots of hoops, where the format is totally up to you, and where it's easy to print or share the resume when you're done.

Organize Your Collection of Customized Resumes

Looking for a way to organize your resumes? When you're in the midst of a job hunt, you could have dozens of resumes in play at any one time. Here's a program you can use to get on top of that madness.

Display Your Portfolio in LinkedIn

Odds are good that you own a LinkedIn account, and you probably even have a resume on file there. Now it's possible to display your portfolio there as well -- here's how.