The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: (Superior) Supplemental Edition

(CBS News) Hello, and welcome to the supplemental (and way more awesome than regular one hereFriday Music Round-UpLast week this artist taught us what singing "grandpa style" really means, and now Postmodern Jukebox is back with a so-called Wild West version of Ke$ha's timeless classic "Die Young" entitled "Ke$ha Gone Country." Disappointingly, Will Smith does not exchange one-liners while riding a giant metal spider for even one second of the video, but we'll forgive them (just this once!) because the cover is pretty amazing, as usual.

As a rule, I'm usually against videos with words in them (If I wanted to read I'd buy a library!) but this video for "Dream" by Husbands and directed by Cauboyz is very cool. I'm not sure if this is a music video or a secret IQ test, however, because if you can watch this without sound and learn the lyrics you are clearly some kind of superhuman born on this earth with a destiny to do great things. Let me know in the comments if you can do it and are Einstein reborn as someone who loves The Feed (and thanks in advance for reading, reincarnated Einstein!).

Our last artist was born with a gift: the ability to sound exactly like Gollum (or Smeagol, if you will) from "The Lord of the Rings". Unlike lesser men, who would have hid their talent away from the world only to bring it out for drunken impressions at frat parties, YouTube user Ijameswalters knew his voice belonged on the Internet singing an original song twist on the legendary "Mad World." Obviously. Also check out his last Gollum-cover of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserable. Way to steal Anne Hathaway's thunder, guy who sounds like Gollum!