The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up: Eclectic edition

(CBS News) It's the first day of March, and the end of the work week. Which can mean only one thing: it's time for The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up! This week we kick things off with a song that screams out the weekend with it's fun, upbeat sound and style. It also happens to include a word that you've probably seen everywhere these past few weeks. Check out New Politics with their music video above for the song "Harlem" (not "Harlem Shake").

I swear, that music video really helps your blogger here see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the upcoming weekend! And up next is a young girl who has more talent at the age of 12-years-old than I will likely have in the course of my entire life. Seriously. Get ready to be blown away by singer Heather Russell performing a cover of Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire" in the video below. And make sure to close your mouth afterwards, because this one is a total jaw-dropper.

Instead of a fan request this week, I'm actually going to go with a dedication. My father first introduced me to this amazing musician when I was probably about the same age as Heather Russell. And I've been a huge fan ever since. Check out singer Steve Earle with his brand-new music video for the song "Invisible" below.

For our focus on both sights and sounds, we have a stop-motion music video created with "2500 photographs that [were] hand painted, [cut] and animated" to make one pretty amazing aesthetic to match a really great song. Go ahead and click play on the video below to see Quantic & Alice Russell's very beautiful music video for the song "Magdalena" directed by Lucas Borrás.

Finally, we end on a note that is way too fitting for the final spot. Go ahead and watch as street performer Anders Flanders gives a unique and epic rendition of Europe's "Final Countdown" at the very bottom from YouTube user Arvid Rudling

Wait, did you think that was the end of the music? Nope, not quite yet. As a bonus this week, we have a supplemental edition from my colleague, Casey Glynnthat you can check out by clicking here to up your musical enjoyment (though it's almost surely not nearly as good as mine). Surprise! Okay, and now with that said, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!