The Best Of Geist

Bill Geist
CBS/The Early Show

If there's a fun story happening somewhere, chances are Bill Geist will be there to cover it for CBS News Sunday Morning.

He's been brightening Sunday mornings for viewers for more than two decades with his sharp wit and glib tongue.

So, what better time to look back at some of Bill's most noteworthy offerings than the show's 30th anniversary?!

Hal Wright, Newsman

In a small corner of the Sierra Nevada Mountains sits the town of Loyalton, Calif. It was here that Bill met 92-year-old Hal Wright, the publisher, editor, reporter, photographer, and production and advertising departments for the Sierra Booster newspaper. Hal was also the Booster's only paperboy, with a very unique way of delivering the papers on his route: Hal threw them out of the window while flying his own airplane, and got them closer than many paperboys do from their bicycles!

Originally aired July 28, 1996

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Home of the Range

The Mississippi Delta is known as the land of cotton and birthplace of the blues. To the surprise of many, it's also the home of the range -- the high-tech, high-fashion, high-priced Viking Range. This restaurant-style stove was created in Greenwood, Miss. Greenwood native Fred Carl Jr., a local builder, came up with the idea for the Viking Range in the 1980s. He drew up a plan, made a sketch, hired a couple of dozen locals with no expertise to build it, and eventually decided he would do it all in his hometown. Viking Ranges have been made there ever since. But Fred didn't stop at that. After successfully building his stove, he decided he would rebuild his hometown, too.

Originally aired January 23, 2005

A Fair to Remember

People have been flocking to the Iowa State Fair for more than 150 years, and not much has changed in all that time. Bill took us to the fair, where people line up to get a glimpse of the cow sculpted from 600 pounds of butter, where dietary laws are suspended for the funnel cake diet, where, in the swine barn, a grown man gets misty-eyed as his Hampshire Boars take first and second place, and where crowds gather to witness the 875 pound pumpkin and the 45-inch beard.

Originally aired Sept. 25, 2004

Special Delivery: Mail By Mule

The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, also happens to be Charlie Chamberlain's mail route. Charlie Chamberlain delivers mail by mule train, three hours one way, every day, down switchbacks along the canyon wall, to a small Indian reservation 3,000 feet below. Everything they need in the town is brought by Charlie and his mules, from frozen French fries to Christmas cards, and Bill went along for the ride.

Originally aired Jan. 23, 2000

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Decking The Halls, Martha Stewart Style

Nobody does Christmas like Martha Stewart - but Bill tries his best in this classic segment!

Originally aired Dec. 22, 1996