The Barbecue Bus

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When people think of good, Southern barbecue, they may not think of Vermont.

But folks are being pleasantly surprised by Curtis' Barbecue in Putney.

"Absolutely fabulous," a woman described the barbecue. "[I've] never had ribs like this before."

A lot of people haven't thought of barbecue in Vermont.

"I think it's one of the reasons we are popular," Christine Tuff said.

Christine and Curtis Tuff have been slow-cooking chicken and ribs there for nearly 30 years. Grilled outdoors over hardwood, then cut and covered with Curtis' own sauce, the ribs are prepared inside the stand, which is really an old school bus. The owners couldn't get the proper permits for a permanent place.

"We have a regular kitchen in there," Christine assured. "It's all state inspected — up to code on everything. And as long as it's hooked to a wagon, we're mobile, even though we have no intentions of moving anywhere else."

Of course, if you don't feel like eating pig, you can feed one. The family's pet pig, Isabel, is always nearby.

"Mommy, I want one," one girl begged as she fed the pig.

Pitmaster Curtis, originally an apple picker from Georgia, is as popular as his pork ribs. People watch him grill, take his photo and shake the chief's hands.

Finger-lickin' good, in Putney, Vt.