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The 5 Foundations of Online Lead Creation | BTalk


Toby Marshall

Toby Marshall

(Episode 459; 15 minutes 51) We all know some of the things we should be doing to leverage the benefits of online, but the approach many of us take is often, at best, patchy.

Toby Marshall, author of Small Business Internet Marketing, says there are five key principles you must follow and you have to learn to do each of them well. If you break the chain, and miss one out, you don't see the same results.

Listen to the podcast to hear Toby talk through each of these five principles:

  • 1. Niche and keywords

  • 2. Diversify

  • 3. Autoresponders

  • 4. Business Networking sites

  • 5. AdWords

Want to read Toby's book? Download an abridged 42 page version here.

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