Ted Cruz fires back at Bob Dole's slam that nobody likes him

John Kasich: Maybe we can win in New Hampshir... 01:16

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- In New Hampshire on Thursday, Ted Cruz responded to 1996 GOP nominee Bob Dole's declaration that "nobody likes him" and that Donald Trump could work better with Congress.

"If, as a voter, you think we need another Republican to cut a deal with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer than I guess Donald Trump is your guy," Cruz said.

Trump, campaigning in Vegas, answered Cruz.

Trump, Cruz continue to step up attacks 02:59

"Ronald Reagan would get along with Tip O'Neill, and they would sit down, and make great deals for everybody," Trump said. "That's what this country is about really, isn't it?"

Back in New Hampshire, John Kasich met with campaign volunteers. He said he's in strong contention for second place.

Can he win here?

"Maybe we can win," he said. "But what is important is I can remove doubt from people that this is the guy who has the best resume, maybe the most experience. The adult in the room has the chance to be heard in the country."

Kasich also shared this hard political truth -- people want to be with a winner, they don't want to make a winner. That's a dynamic Kasich admitted he will have to reverse here or go home.