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Watch Taylor Swift and Andy Samberg fight in slow-mo in new AT&T commercial

Taylor Swift stars in a new commercial for AT&T and DirecTV's "Taylor Swift NOW," a site that takes fans behind the scenes into Swift's daily life. The commercial shows the singer getting distracted on a day she's supposed to be working in the studio. 

The video shows Swift procrastinating, watching YouTube videos and eating a "kale bowl." A voiceover reads all of the things she is doing "now," like "Now, she's fallen into an online rabbit hole and is watching videos about the google-eyed stubby squid." Midway, Swift literally bumps into comedian Andy Samberg and the two exchange verbal jabs, with Swift calling him "Andy Sam-Jerk."  

The scuffle quickly escalates into a slow-mo, action-packed martial arts fight. 

"Taylor Swift NOW" will let fans watch acoustic performances and photo shoots. The site will also provide an inside look as the singer revisits the set of old music videos, surprises fans and talks about her love life. 

Watch the video below to see Swift spar against Samberg. Swift's latest album, "Reputation," is set for release on Nov. 10. 

Taylor Swift NOW Presents: See What Taylor’s Up To NOW | AT&T by AT&T on YouTube