Tasha Miller Update: Teen's Grim Account of Delivering a Baby Never Found, Will Plead to Child Neglect

Tasha Miller (WISH)
Tasha Miller (WISH)

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS/WISH) Tasha Miller, Indianapolis mother of a newborn who has never been found, has agreed to plead guilty to child neglect in a deal with the Marion County prosecutor, said CBS affiliate WISH-TV.

Miller, 19, gave birth to her baby at home Saturday May 8. More than two weeks later she was admitted to the hospital for post-natal care and when authorities questioned her on the whereabouts of her newborn she gave conflicting accounts of what happened after she delivered the baby. Police say she claimed she didn't remember, but the one common thread in all Miller's tales remained that the baby, wherever it may be, was dead.

According to WISH, as part of Miller's expected plea agreement, she finally revealed what prosecutors believe is the true series of events following the child's birth.

Miller told investigators in the probable cause affidavit that she is a lesbian and that, "her female domestic partner would kill her if it were revealed she was pregnant," reported WISH. She continued to say that she hid her pregnancy, wearing oversized clothing, and didn't receive any prenatal care.

She said she gave birth to a fully developed baby girl, but according to Miller the child's breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was weak, said WISH. Miller, exhausted from delivering the baby, didn't reach down for 20 minutes while the baby lay face down on the mattress. Once in her arms, Miller said she tried to remove any debris from the child's mouth with her finger. She said she then massaged the baby's throat because her first attempt wasn't working, reported WISH.

According to court documents, a sobbing Miller, "stated she may have done this too aggressively, which may have worsened the baby's condition." After a few moments she state, "she (the baby) was just gone."

Miller said she used a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord, covered the baby's corpse in a blanket and put her in a shoe box where she lay in a closet for four days, said WISH. It wasn't until Tuesday, May 11, that Miller said she disposed of the baby's body in the dumpster of her apartment complex.

Indianapolis Metro Police searched a Clinton County landfill, but the baby's body was never found.

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