Tasha Miller, Indianapolis Mom of Missing Newborn, Won't Face Charges (Yet); Where's Her Baby?

Tasha Miller (WISH)

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS/WISH)  An Indianapolis mother whose newborn's whereabouts are unknown will not face any charges -- for now -- according to Marion County prosecutors.

Formal felony child neglect charges were expected to be filed against 19-year-old Tasha Miller in court on Wednesday, but the deputy prosecutor decided not to do so, citing a lack of evidence in the case, according to CBS affiliate WISH-TV.

Police say Miller told them she delivered a baby at home more than two weeks ago, but claims she can't remember what she did with the newborn. Her story has changed several times, police told WISH, with the most consistent story being that the baby died, she put it in a shoebox, then into a Victoria's Secret bag, and from there, into a dumpster.

Indianapolis Metro Police searched a Clinton County landfill on Monday, but say they weren't able to find anything. Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi hopes that the people Miller spoke to about the baby will come forward and share information. "Anytime we have cases where we have babies who have died and there are people who know about what happened and yet they fail to report, you can file the failure to report charges on them, but when that happens you immediately lose them as a witness," says Brizzi.

Miller was released from the Marion County Jail on Wednesday and transported to Wishard Hospital for a mental evaluation, something Brizzi and the Miller family agreed on. According to WISH-TV, Brizzi said Miller's mother was going to take responsibility for her daughter whether that meant hospitalization or intense home supervision.

Brizzi also says if he and Miller's attorney can't come to an agreement, he may move to seat a grand jury to hear testimony from witnesses.

So even though prosecutors didn't file charges Wednesday, they're strongly hinting that could change.