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"Sympunny" combines names of artists and instruments

(CBS News) I was going to save this for Friday's Weekend Music Round-Up, but I just couldn't resist putting it up immediately. This is one of the coolest musical compositions I have ever seen. The group cdza creates the best musical "puns" around, creating a harmonious "sympunny" by combining the names of artists and particular instruments. Feast your eyes and ears on the video by cdza above to see exactly what I mean, I promise you won't regret it.

How cool is that? Tom Trumpetty? Bob Mandolyn! How did they come up with this stuff? Not to mention that I didn't even know that half of the instruments they use even existed, let alone that you could turn their names into artists names so cleverly. If this video doesn't put you in the best of dancing moods, than I don't know what will! They are having such a good time while playing together too. I wonder if they play parties or shows!? I'd certainly love to see cdza live.

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