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"Survivor: Philippines" serves up medical emergency, lost tribe and parting kiss

Finally! Matsing didn't lose a challenge in Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Philippines." (Spoiler alert)

But that is because the Matsing tribe is no more. As the episode opened, the two remaining tribe mates chose packaged buffs to determine their next home. Malcolm went to Skupin's Tandang, Denise to Penner's Kalabaw.

And once again, Denise was back at Tribal Council, on the losing end of an immunity challenge involving an obstacle course and a word puzzle.

But first, here's the upshot of that medical emergency that was promised to be game-changing. At Kalabaw, Dana is suffering alternating chills and fever, stomach pains and vomiting. Tribe mates try to comfort her until medical help arrives.

After examining her, medics says she is suffering from a stomach infection that is painful but not life-threatening. As a result, host Jeff Probst puts the decision in her hands. She can stay and try to tough it out or be medically evacuated. Dana chose to leave - a move that could be game changing since Denise's arrival had suddenly put that tribe's all-girl alliance one up on the men's group.

The loss later of the immunity challenge make's Dana's decision even more noteworthy: When Tribal Council is over, Kalabaw will be down two players.

The ouster of Dawson this week points out dramatically how essential social skills are to staying in the game. The easiest tribe member to vote out would have been newcomer Denise. Second choice would have been Katie, who performed badly in the challenge the tribe lost.

Instead, it was Dawson who got the boot because she apparently had seriously annoyed her tribe mates. Because Matsing got so much attention - and camera time - with its losses this season - some things, like Dawson 's quirkiness, went under the radar.

We got a sense of that this week when we saw how, after recognizing former baseball star Jeff Kent on day one, she kept the information to herself but tweaked Kent with deprecating comments about baseball and athletes.

No wonder he wanted her out ASAP.

We get an even better impression of Dawson after she is voted out. Before leaving the council area, she gives Probst a big hug and long kiss. Then in her closing comments, she talks about how much Kent owes her and comes up with a laundry list of rewards she will demand from him if he wins.

And we thought all along that Tandang's Abi was the nutty one.

What did you think of the episode? Did Dana make the right choice? Take our poll, sound off in the comments and return here next week for more commentary.