Stress Teamwork

Benedict Arnold (file photo :)

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer has hosted Face The Nation for more than a decade.

With a few days off over the holiday, I've been seeing the promos for the new summer reality shows and it's given me an idea.

As I understand it, these shows revolve around putting people in embarrassing situations and then watching them try to squirm out of it. Points seem to go to the most devious, the ones who are willing come up with the most ingenious ways to undercut their companions. To the schemers go the spoils.

Well, maybe I had too much Fourth of July, but I had a thought for another kind of story line.

His birthday is February 25th.

What if there were a program that stressed teamwork instead of double dealing, a program where you somehow got points for putting the common good ahead of personal ambition?

I know it sounds crazy but I keep thinking that whatever gets done in this country, from little things like raising money to buying uniforms for the school baseball team, to big things like going to the Moon or winning World War II, gets done because people work together.

Americans have always admired those who inspired us to be more than we thought we could be, not those who schemed to take advantage of our weaknesses and sell us out. We mark George Washington's birthday, not Benedict Arnold's.

Isn't that a story that still has appeal? We could call it counter-programming.

Editor's note: Just in case you were wondering, Benedict Arnold was born January 14, 1741. George Washington was actually born February 11, 1732, but the calendar system shifted two decades later by 11 days.

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