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More stars speak out about "American Sniper"

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Some critics say the movie packs a message that should not be rewarded at the Oscars
Fans fight back against "American Sniper" critics 02:56

Several celebrities are coming out in support of the military and Clint Eastwood's new film "American Sniper."

The comments come as Seth Rogen tweeted that the film "kind of reminds me of the movie that's showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds," and filmmaker Michael Moore sparked talk about snipers when he wrote that they "aren't heroes."

Now some celebrities are actively throwing their support behind the movie, while others are taking direct aim at Moore.

Blake Shelton is among them. "Sickens me to see celebrities or anybody slam the very people who protect their right to talk s**t.. #truecowards," he tweeted.

See what others have been saying:

Country singer Craig Morgan also weighed on Facebook:

"American Sniper," which received six Oscar nominations last week, topped the box office with more than $100 million over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

"American Sniper": Bradley Cooper on playing lethal sharpshooter 01:13

It follows Cooper portraying real-life Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. A few real-life snipers also appear in the movie. Cooper says they helped to add authenticity to the story and sparked pride among the cast members.

"Everybody felt very -- you could just feel it. Everybody felt like it was a privilege every day to be on set telling this story," Cooper said.

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