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SpaceX Vine gives spectacular ground-level view of rocket crash

Close, but no cigar.

That was the message SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted out Saturday after a successful launch of cargo to the Interntaional Space Station, but an unsuccessful attempt to recover the first stage of the rocket.

Now there's ground-level video of the fiery miss.

SpaceX posted this Vine Friday showing how the booster crash landed onto the "autonomous spaceport drone ship" that was awaiting its return from flight:

Saturday's launch marked an unprecedented attempt to land the first stage of a rocket on a barge after it had traveled to the edge of space to send cargo sailing to the ISS. (The ship arrived at the space station early Monday.) The trial was part of Musk's goal to be able to recover and reuse rocket stages, thereby significantly lowering the cost of spaceflight in the near future.

But after the launch Saturday, Musk tweeted that the booster came in hot and "landed hard," and that some of the equipment on the deck of the barge would need to be replaced.

Now we can see why.

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