School administrators placed on leave amid sex assault investigation in Denver

The alleged assault happened during South High School's homecoming bonfire in September. 

CBS Denver

DENVER -- At least four Denver public school administrators have been placed on leave while authorities investigate allegations of sexual assault involving a high school student. 

CBS Denver reports a letter shared with South High School families on Friday said principal Jen Hanson and student advisor Lynette Lucero were placed on administrative leave on Thursday. Instructional superintendent Sean Precious and Barbara Downing were placed on leave on Friday.

The letter also states there is information about concerns at the school that need "a closer look."    

Police say they are investigating whether school officials complied with the mandatory obligation to report abuse to authorities right away. All officials and employees of a public school are required to report child abuse if they "have reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect," according to Colorado's mandatory reporting law. 

The alleged incident involved "inappropriate touching" between students.    

A source close to the investigation tells CBS Denver the alleged assault happened during the school's homecoming bonfire on Sept. 17. The source said male students forcibly groped a 17-year-old senior. She reported the assault to school staff within a couple days.

Police say they were notified of the alleged assault on Sept. 27, nearly two weeks after the incident took place. 

The parents of the victim are not pressing charges against the other students. 

"We are committed to providing as much information about this as we can to our families and community," Denver Public Schools spokesperson Will Jones said in a written statement. "This case involves personnel matters. At this time, we cannot say anything more than what is in the letter."