So You Think You Can Dance?

This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, alongside "Big Brother" and "Project Runway." These dancers are truly amazing and so talented, it's just so much fun watching them dance each week.

We are down to our final four: Heidi, Donyelle, Travis and Benji.

I am all about Heidi, so GO HEIDI! Not to mention the host of the show, Cat, she is so good at what she does. She really seems like she cares about what she is talking about. I hope she continues to be the host from here on out.

Tonight is a fun night because everyone dances with everyone — guys with guys, girls with girls, you get it. Last season, some of the best performances were from the routines that were girls dancing with girls and guys dancing with guys. I really hope Wade Robson choreographs something tonight because he is uber-talented. Judges tonight are exec producer Nigel, ballroom expert Mary Murphy and Brian, who has choreographed some of the most amazing contemporary routines on this show.

I will do my best to explain the dances but like Last Comic Standing it's hard to write about dancing — you have to see it. And the routines are shorter tonight because there will be dancing so many times.

First up, Travis and Heidi do disco. Work it out! Heidi is a great partner for routines like this and the lifts are spot on, looking effortless. Good start. They all love it and point out how good Heidi is as a partner and with all dance routines. I already knew that!

Donyelle and Benji do a Viennese Waltz. I don't think Donyelle should still be in this competition. I think she lost her fire over the past few weeks and was being out-danced by Natalie, who had to go home last week. I hope she gets that fire back. This style of dance is really hard for the audience to relate to because we are very unfamiliar with it in comparison to hip hop or disco. Benji is a solid partner just like Heidi. No wonder they are cousins. He picks up the slack where Donyelle lacks. The judges slam them both saying it was not good at all.

Benji and Travis dance together for a hip-hop routine. This should be interesting. It's a Shane Sparks routine so we know it will be high energy. They come out dressed like nerds all the way from the suspenders to the glasses, then they rip the nerd gear off and bust a move. It's good and it was fun and that's what is important. The judges also enjoyed the routine. Mary does her unusually high-pitched scream.

Next up: Donyelle and Heidi dancing together for a Broadway number to "Big Spender." LOVE IT! It could have been a Broadway number. I hope one of them can sign because Broadway is calling them. Nigel must have been watching something different because he says they didn't have enough attitude. Brian and Mary both liked it, but also say a little more energy would have been appreciated. I guess I can understand where they are coming from. I am still a Heidi fan.

Donyelle and Travis dance a contemporary routine. Mia Michael is the choreographer, she is incredible, her routines give me chills. I think contemporary is the most emotion evoking of all dance styles. I love it. (How many times can I use the word "love" in this blog?) This routine is a jazzy-bluesy routine which is different, Travis again in my opinion outshines Donyelle. The judges love it all around.

Heidi and Benji close the show with a salsa. Being that they both have done ballroom dancing for years, this is their routine to kill. OUT OF THIS WORLD! The routine was killer, the lifts were amazing, you have to see this if they do it on the tour! As Nigel put it, "sensational." I agree 110 percent. It's their competition to lose at this point.

Bonus: There is a group pop routine to Justin Timberlake's new hot song
"Sexy Back," choreographed by Wade Robson. My prayers were answered! I could watch routines by Wade all day. He is truly the master of entertainment when it comes to dancing.

I hope you voted for your favorites. I did. (Go Heidi.) And they all did solo routines tonight that were so professional it looked as though they've been doing it for years. I don't want this show to end, but it has to.