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Should seniors still buy gold bars?

It's easy to buy gold bars online right now. Getty

Gold has been considered a valuable investment for hundreds of years. Whether purchased in jewelry form as an IRA for retirement or in gold bars and coins, the value and protection a gold investment can provide is well-known and can be beneficial for investors of all ages. That noted, there are better times to invest in gold than others. And there are better types of gold to invest in than others, especially if you're a senior.

Against a changing economic backdrop, many seniors may be wondering if a physical gold investment is still worth it for them. With gold bars now ubiquitous and easy to buy online with big retailers, some seniors may be doing their research to determine if they should still buy gold bars. Or is another gold type better worth their investment dollars? That's what we will explore below.

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Should seniors still buy gold bars?

Gold bars operate differently than other gold investments, but they can still be worthwhile for seniors. Here are three reasons why:

They're liquid

Gold bars and coins are more liquid than other gold investing types, like gold IRAs or gold stocks. You can more easily buy, sell and store gold bars than other kinds. With 1-ounce and 1-gram gold bars being common sizes, it won't be difficult to safely store them at home. 

And, if you need to sell them at cost or a slight profit, you should be able to easily do so. Compared to withdrawing your money from a more complex gold IRA or gold ETF, this can be an attractive feature for seniors who may want to easily pass on their gold bar investments to family members and beneficiaries. 

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They're easy to buy

While a gold IRA can be an attractive investment for many, it requires a bit more involvement and knowledge than buying gold bars and coins. The latter type is easy to buy and you won't have to even leave the comfort of your home to do so. Big retailers like Costco and Walmart are now selling gold bars online. When the former got involved earlier this year the gold bars quickly sold out online, underlining the demand for the precious metal. 

But you don't need to go that route if you don't want to. Multiple online gold dealers can help you get started, too. Just be sure to do your research and familiarize yourself with reputable dealers. Know the red flags, too, to secure legitimate and valuable gold bars.

They can provide multiple financial benefits

While inflation has cooled in recent months it's still present. Gold can help hedge against inflation by maintaining and frequently increasing its value during such periods. Not many other investment types have that feature. Because of this, gold can also be a smart way to diversify your portfolio

By allocating a portion of your portfolio to gold, you can more effectively protect against the inevitable whims of the market. That said, gold is not the income-producing asset that stocks, bonds and real estate can be. Experts recommend limiting your investment in the precious metal, then, to 10% or less of your overall portfolio. The exact figure will depend on your personal investor profile.

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The bottom line

Gold bars can be valuable for all investors, even seniors. They're a liquid type of gold investment, simple to store, sell and buy. The latter benefit is particularly pronounced now that you can buy gold bars online both with reputable dealers and big retailers like Costco and Walmart. And they'll still provide the same benefits other gold investment types do, namely by hedging against inflation and diversifying your portfolio. For all of these reasons, seniors should strongly consider buying gold bars. They should do so, however, in a manner that's consistent and beneficial for their individual investment needs and goals. 

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