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Where to buy gold bars and coins online

You can buy gold bars via an online dealer and even by using some famous retailers. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Gold has been a popular investment in its myriad forms for centuries. Whether purchased in jewelry, in a gold IRA or as physical gold bars and coins, gold investing has helped boost the portfolio of many an investor. Investing in the precious metal hit an 11-year high earlier this year. Thanks to the benefits a gold investment can provide against inflation and how it acts as a portfolio diversifier, it's clear that gold has timely advantages for millions of Americans right now.

That said, you can't take advantage of these features without knowing where exactly to buy gold. Fortunately, there are many places where you can buy gold bars and coins, often without having to leave the comfort of your couch or home office. Below, we'll break down two places to buy gold bars and coins online now. You may be surprised how easy it can be.

If you think you could benefit from a gold investment, then start exploring your options online here now.

Where to buy gold bars and coins online

Here are two places to buy gold bars and coins online now. 

Online gold dealers

Online gold dealers are easy to use and simple to compare against one another. Some may even offer discounts if you buy in bigger quantities or if you use a credit card to complete your purchase. There are a variety of established online gold dealers you can use, including, but not limited to, American Hartford Gold, JM Bullion and others. 

That said, a gold investment can cost you thousands of dollars, so be sure to do your research before proceeding. And familiarize yourself with popular gold investing red flags so that you don't get stuck using an untrustworthy dealer — or get delivered an inferior product.

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Costco and Walmart

The days of buying gold bars and coins from your local shop are over now that even Costco and Walmart are getting into the mix. Costco saw a huge demand for 1-ounce gold bars when they started selling them earlier this year. That demand was so strong that they quickly sold out of the bars online. While that interest has cooled slightly since then, it may be an option worth pursuing for interested purchasers. 

You can also look into buying gold bars from Walmart with 1-ounce bars currently available for around $2,000. Just set up an account, add your payment and contact information and you'll be on your way. Plus, both retailers come with some inherent knowledge and trustworthiness that you simply may not have with companies that you haven't purchased from previously.

How else can you invest in gold?

While it may be appealing for many to invest in gold bars and coins due to their tangibility and liquidity, it's not the only way to invest in gold. There are multiple ways you can do this aside from just ordering gold bars and coins online. This includes investing in a gold IRA for retirement or with a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF). More savvy investors may also want to inquire about gold stocks or riskier, but still appealing, gold futures

It really depends on your personal investing and risk preferences. That said, most experts advise keeping a gold investment — no matter the type — to 10% or less of your overall portfolio. By exceeding that amount, you risk losing out on the income-producing benefits of some other assets, like stocks and bonds.

Learn more about buying gold bars and coins online today.

The bottom line

The days of going to a local pawnshop or jewelry store to buy gold bars and coins may still suit some investors, but there's a whole gold investing world online that you can easily explore now, too. You can buy gold bars and coins with a few clicks by using reputable online gold dealers. Or you can add gold bars and coins to your online Costco and Walmart shopping carts today. With so many ways to buy gold bars and coins — and so many alternative gold investing types to explore — you can easily start benefiting from the security and portfolio boost gold provides right now.

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