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Shakira says she'll feel weight of responsibility at the Super Bowl

Shakira on Super Bowl LIV halftime show
Shakira on feeling the weight of responsibility at Super Bowl LIV 01:58

Grammy Award-winning artist and global icon Shakira is set to take the stage at the upcoming Super Bowl LIV halftime show with Jennifer Lopez this weekend. The singer/songwriter is no stranger to the pressure of performing live before huge crowds, but Shakira tells 60 Minutes she will feel an added pressure at the Super Bowl.

"It's such an amazing, important event. I feel a great deal of responsibility," Shakira says. "In a way, I'm representing a huge part of the Latin community in the U.S. I consider it an important force in America, and needs to be well represented. And I think that it's a beautiful opportunity."

To capitalize on the opportunity, Shakira has been leaning on her tireless work ethic, practicing day and night and drawing on new influences from around the world to incorporate into her performance. She says she feels a moral obligation to give it her all.

"When you're given a gift, such as your voice or a talent," Shakira says, "... you gotta use it. You have the duty to fulfill your dreams, to prove yourself that you can do it. And to inspire others."

Piqué expects amazing Shakira halftime show 02:12

Sporting events have special meaning in her life. In 2010, Shakira was tapped to create the anthem for the soccer World Cup. Her song "Waka Waka" became a global hit and brought Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué into her life after he appeared in the music video for the song. Both Shakira and Piqué celebrate birthdays on February 2nd, the day of the Super Bowl. Piqué tells 60 Minutes that he has no doubt Shakira's performance will be memorable.

"She's doing something amazing," Piqué says. "I've seen some of it already, the ideas that she's got. And I think that she will be great."

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