Seth Doane's Notebook: Memorial Costs

For Michael Jackson fans, it's a golden ticket. Just 11,000 thousand people out of 1.6 million applicants will get to see the sendoff for the King of Pop live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Another 6,500 will be next door at the Nokia Theater.

The tickets are free but the event obviously is not. It will require the LAPD and other city departments to work overtime to handle what could be record-breaking crowds in the downtown area. Police say they're preparing for crowds similar to what they saw during the 1984 Olympics.

One LA city councilwoman said she hopes the Jackson family will help pay the tab but told CBS there has been no such offer as of today.

Last month it was private donations that covered much of the cost of a parade to celebrate the Lakers' NBA championship.

For now, an already cash-strapped city hopes a King's memorial service won't cost a King's ransom.

I'm Seth Doane, CBS News.