See Google Glass through the eyes of a toddler

(CBS News) If you've got Google Glass envy as much as your blogger here, then there will probably be a mixture of fascination tinged with sadness that even a young child is now getting the opportunity to test this new technology out now. (Okay, okay, enough with my pity party.) Go ahead and see Google Glass through the eyes of a toddler in the video above.

The adorable clip offering a unique perspective on the Google gadget that has the whole Internet buzzing was posted on YouTube by Chris Angelini of Tom's Hardware who writes:

As I was testing Google Glass, my two-year-old wanted to know what I was doing (almost as much as he wanted some juice). So, I indulged him. The result was really pretty cute, so here we are, fetching apple juice and looking at toys.
But... but... I want to test out Google Glass way more than I want juice! (And I honestly do want some apple juice pretty bad right now.) All kidding aside, if you're interested to see the story Chris Angelini wrote regarding Google Glass, be sure to check it out by clicking here. And thanks so much for sharing this way-too-cute-toddler-take on the technology with us and the Internet, Chris!