Sec. Robert Gates on Trump's Muslim Ban: It's unworkable

WASHINGTON - Presumed Republican candidate Donald Trump has taken a number of controversial stances throughout this year's Republican Primary. One of them being his call for a ban on Muslim immigrants entering the country. During Sunday's interview with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Face the Nation, host John Dickerson asked Gates about the security implications of calling for such a ban.

"I think it's unworkable," the former Secretary said, "not to mention the fact that it's contrary to all of our values." Gates cited the unprecedented nature of creating a criteria to entering the United States based on a person's religion.

Gates also called into question the logistics behind figuring out a person's religion as well as some of Trump's other controversial policies including the wall that he has promised to build if he were elected.

"How does that actually happen? Who's going to do that? Who's going to pay for that? Who's going to build it? How long will it take to build? It's a great sound bite. It's a great line. But is it consistent with our values?" Gates asked.

Some former intelligence advisors including former General David Petraeus have publicly stated that calling for a ban on Muslims can potentially aid Islamic terrorists. When Dickerson asked if Gates agreed with that statement, Gates responded by saying that it could discourage people from being willing to help.

"When you take an anti-Muslim stand, you discourage those well integrated Muslim Americans from being willing to be part of the solution in terms of terrorism." Gates clarified by stating, "That's not to say they're going to be radicalized, but they'll just [be] hands off."

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