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Scaramucci tweets cartoon that takes jab at him, White House

Anthony Scaramucci, ousted on his 11th day on the job as White House communications director on Monday, tweeted a Minneapolis Star Tribune comic Friday afternoon that took a jab at him and the White House's dizzying turnover rate.

Scaramucci, who left the White House the same day that Gen. John Kelly became chief of staff, posted the image depicting a cartoonist at work on a cartoon of him when a news flash breaks that Scaramucci is "out." The frustrated cartoonist bangs his arm against the wall with the caption, "News item: Nation's cartoonists file class action lawsuit demanding Trump slow down the firing of White House misfits long enough for us to finish our *!!?#@*!! cartoons!"

The Star Tribune's Steve Sack created the cartoon earlier this week.

Scaramucci had hoped to change the culture of the White House communications department by bringing back cameras to the White House briefing room and stepping up the defense of President Trump. But he didn't have much time to complete his to-do list, which he provided to CBS News. 

His downfall came after he unleashed a profanity-filled rant against former chief of staff Reince Priebus during a conversation with the New Yorker, which raised questions about whether Scaramucci was the best person to bring discipline to the White House press operations. Days later, he was out, as Kelly took charge of the White House. 

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