Russians deny they collected compromising intel on Trump, but ...

MOSCOW -- The Kremlin disputed allegations Wednesday morning that it had gathered compromising business and personal information about President-elect Donald Trump.

A dossier was leaked Tuesday night, compiled as opposition research against Trump during the presidential campaign, that contained various explosive, unsubstantiated allegations that would be damaging if true.

CBS News has not verified any of the claims.

According to correspondent Elizabeth Palmer, the Russian government called the allegations “pulp-fiction,” and said they were an attempt to damage U.S.-Russia relations.

However, Russia and its security services are very skilled at collecting what they call kompromat, embarrassing information or pictures, and then using the material to blackmail or ruin political and business figures.

The most famous example was a sex tape made public in 1999 that brought down Russia’s attorney general. The head of security services at the time was current President Vladimir Putin.

Watch the video above for more of Palmer’s reporting from Moscow, including why NATO allies are worried about Donald Trump’s incoming administration.