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Roy Moore takes "pedophile detection" test on "Who is America?"

Failed Republican senate candidate Roy Moore is the latest target of Sacha Baron Cohen's new satirical TV show "Who is America?" Allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore, including claims he pursued women when they were in their teens, came to light ahead of the Alabama special election.

In Sunday's episode, Moore sat down with Cohen, who was posing as his character Gen. Erran Morad, an anti-terror expert from Israel. Cohen tells Moore that Israel developed a machine used to detect pedophiles at schools and playgrounds.

Official Clip ft. Roy Moore | Ep.3 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME by SHOWTIME on YouTube

"The wand alerts the law enforcement and the schools within a 100-mile radius," Cohen says.

He then waves the wand over Moore, which starts beeping.

"It must be faulty," Cohen says.

He then waves the wand over another person, and it doesn't make any noise. That's when Cohen waves the device over Moore again, prompting it to beep.

"Did you lend the jacket to somebody else," Cohen asks.

"No, no," Moore replies. He goes on to say he's been married for 33 years and "never had an accusation of such things," before getting up and leaving the interview.

The controversial series shows Cohen's alter-egos duping public officials. Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer announced his resignation, after an appearance in which he yells the N-word and exposes his rear end. The episode sparked outrage from lawmakers in Georgia, including Gov. Nathan Deal who said he was "saddened and disgusted."

"Who is America?" airs on Showtime, a division of CBS.

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