Romney, Ryan and Biden head to the polls

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney smiles as his wife Ann puts a 'I Voted' sticker on after casting their votes in the US presidential elections in Belmont, Massachusetts, November 6, 2012.
Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)

Vice President Joe Biden started his day in Greenville, Del., where he cast his vote and hinted this will not be the last time he will cast a ballot with his name on it.

"Oh I don't think so," Biden said in response to a question of if this is the last time he will vote for himself, setting off yet another round of speculation about his political plans for 2016.

Biden was joined by his wife, Jill, and son, Beau - who's Delaware's Attorney General - where the vice president reminisced about the eight times he has been on the ballot and said "it's always a kick" to see everybody wait in line to vote.

Biden waited in line for 13 minutes before he cast his vote. He encouraged everyone else who has to wait in line to stick it out. "[S]tay in line as long as you have to to go and vote," he said.

The man at the top of the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney, also cast his vote this morning in Belmont, Mass. Just before 9 a.m. ET this morning, Romney and his wife, Ann, filled out their ballots simultaneously at a senior citizen cafeteria.

Romney said he feels "very good, very good" about today. After casting his ballot he headed to Ohio for last-minute campaigning.

In Janesville, Wis., Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, cast his ballot with his family in tow. A long line of voters stood in line behind him as he verified his registration and then voted.

When asked by reporters who he was going to vote for, Ryan sarcastically joked, "It'll be suspenseful."

President Obama voted early in Chicago two weeks ago. He made a surprise stop, however, at a campaign office in Hyde Park, near his home. He is expected to spend the rest of the day conducting a series of radio and television interviews, relaxing at home and playing a game of hoops - an Election Day tradition.

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