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RNC chairman: Rules aren't rigged, Trump just doesn't like them

Donald Trump continued his assault of the Republican Party nomination process Friday, writing in the Wall Street Journal that he's "not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interests of political parties"
Donald Trump continued his assault of the Rep... 01:52

The Republican party is not scheming against Donald Trump, says RNC chairman Reince Priebus in an interview Friday with CBS News' Major Garrett.

Trump, the front-runner for the nomination, claims the GOP is plotting to trip him at the finish line.

"Just because someone doesn't like the kind of rules in particular states, doesn't necessarily mean that the rules are rigged. It just means that they wish the delegates were awarded a different way," Priebus told Garrett.

Priebus had previously responded to Trump's claims that the system is unfair in a tweet, asking him to "give us all a break."

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