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Rielle Hunter Pictures in GQ are "Repulsive," Says John Edwards' Lover

Rielle Hunter
Rielle Hunter Patrick McMullen

NEW YORK (CBS) Rielle Hunter may not regret breaking her silence, but the GQ photo shoot which shows her pantless is breaking her heart.

Hunter reportedly "cried for two hours" after she saw the pictures she deemed "repulsive" that accompanied the 10,000 word interview she did with GQ magazine, according to Barbara Walters.

PICTURES: Rielle Hunter GQ Photoshoot

Monday morning, on "The View," Walters recounted a conversation she had with Hunter after Hunter saw the photos.

Hunter said she trusted the photographer, Mark Seliger, to take classy photos and just "went with the flow."

One of the photographs in question is of Hunter in sweat pants and a shirt lying on a bed with her daughter Francis Quinn, 2. Two other images show Hunter wearing only a white dress shirt and panties.

The GQ interviewer, Lisa DePaulo, said she spoke to hunter Sunday night and Hunter expressed reservations about the photographs but DePaulo hopes "she will come to see those photos as beautiful."

"I think it's cool that she's pretty and sexy," she told People magazine.

Conde Nast, GQ's publisher, says they're trying to reach the photographer and until then have have no comment.

The photo flap is the latest episode in the John Edwards saga which includes a court battle for his aide, Andrew Young, who stalled in handing over an alleged sex tape of Edwards and Hunter, and a slow moving investigation into whether or not Edwards improperly used presidential campaign funds in paying Hunter, who was his lover at the time.

Read the full interview at GQ

PICTURES: Rielle Hunter GQ Photoshoot

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