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"Bro can we talk?" Richie Incognito's text messages released

Former Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito is offering a new response to charges of bullying.

His ex-teammate, Jonathan Martin, answered questions for the first time this week about why he left the NFL.

Incognito's lawyer gave CBS News Miami station WFOR copies of text messages between the two men.

As CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reported on "CBS This Morning," those messages include hard-edged banter that went both ways.

In a conversation between the players in December of 2012, Martin wrote "Ima egg your house & light a bag of [expletive] on fire then ring your doorbell."

"I'm going to shoot you and claim self defense," Incognito responded. "I'm white ur black I'll walk."

There were also friendly exchanges, some occurring just weeks before Martin would leave the team. 

"Get home safe man," Martin said.

"I'm home U good," Incognito replied.

Martin said, "Yeah just waiting On u bro bro."

According to Incognito's attorney, the messages undercut Martin's claims of bullying and instead show that the two were in fact friends.


Dan Marino on Dolphins alleged bullying scandal: "It's embarrassing" 01:12
 In a statement, attorney Mark Schamel said, "What they show is banter between friends, not bullying."

And while Schamel admits that Ingognito sent Martin "coarse and unacceptable comments and text messages," he also accused Martin of sending texts that were "of the same poor taste."

But in an interview earlier this week, Martin said that he was only trying to fit in with what he felt was life in the NFL.

"I was trying with all my being to do whatever I could to be a member of this culture," Martin said.

Incognito admitted to using vile language against Martin, even referring to him as the N-word in a voicemail, but insisted he never meant to be racist or threatening.

In an interview from November, Incognito said, "My actions were coming from a place of love. No matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate, that's how our friendship was."

Even after Martin left the Dolphins in October, the two continued to text, with Incognito messaging Martin an image of an article regarding the alleged bullying and asking, "What's up with this?"

"I got nothing to do with it man I haven't said anything to anyone," Martin responded.

"I need you buddy," Incognito said. "I'm getting killed in the media."

"Bro can we talk?" Incognito said. "The dolphins are talking about releasing me."

Martin never responded, and later that day the Dolphins suspended Incognito indefinitely.

CBS News reached out to Martin for comment but did not hear back.

The results of an NFL investigation into allegations Martin was the target of bullying will be released after the Super Bowl.

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