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3 reasons to invest in gold bars and coins this holiday season

By buying gold bars for the holidays you'll be better protected against the economic headwinds of 2024. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Thanksgiving is over and the gift-giving part of the holiday season is now in full swing. With so many options to choose from and multiple family members and friends to buy gifts for, it can be difficult to find the right gift for the right person. While some people may be easy to shop for, others may not be. There are some people, however, who could benefit from an investment in gold, particularly gold bars and coins.

In fact, there are multiple reasons why you may want to invest in gold bars and coins this season, either for yourself or a loved one. Start by exploring your gold investing options here to learn more about this unique opportunity.

3 reasons to invest in gold bars and coins this holiday season

Here are three reasons why you should strongly consider turning to gold this holiday season.

It can help protect against inflation

A gold investment has many benefits, not least of which is the hedge it can provide against inflation. And even though inflation is significantly down from a 40-year high reached in June 2022 it's still problematic, as can be seen by the multiple interest rate hikes the Federal Reserve has issued in the last year and a half. 

Gold, in its myriad forms, can help protect against inflation due to its relatively steady value and price. In fact, during times of inflation, the price of gold can even rise a bit. Considering the adverse effects some of your other assets may feel during similar economic periods, it can make sense to invest in gold this holiday season to help protect your portfolio now and long into the future.

Learn more about how gold can protect against inflation here.

It's liquid

Other investment classes may offer more income-producing benefits but it's unlikely they're as liquid as gold, particularly if you invest in gold bars and coins. You've likely already seen the television commercials promoting the benefits of buying physical gold but did you know that you can easily do so online now? There are great gold companies that can help you get started or you can even buy gold bars and coins online from retailers like Costco and Walmart. 

And because of the tangible, liquid nature of the investment you'll be able to easily buy, store and sell your gold much easier than you would with other investment classes.

It can diversify your portfolio

As you age your financial needs will change as will your investment choices. Gold can help with the latter by diversifying your portfolio to better protect against the inevitable economic headwinds to come. By adding gold to your portfolio you'll be less influenced by one particular asset, thus giving your overall portfolio some breathing room and a better chance to grow, even when other assets look shaky. 

That said, gold isn't like other assets and should be approached smartly. Most experts recommend limiting your gold investment, then, to 10% or less of your portfolio. The exact figure, however, will depend on your personal circumstances, goals and other financial considerations.

Learn more about how a gold investment could help you today.

The bottom line

There's typically not a bad time to invest in gold, but there are times when the precious metal may prove to be a better investment than others. Now is one of those times. And with the holidays quickly approaching you may want to invest in gold bars and coins for that special someone. By doing so you'll be providing them with a hedge against inflation and with an investment that they can simply sell, store or buy more as they see fit. Plus, you'll be adding a diversification to their investment portfolio, giving them a way to mix up their investments for this holiday season and long into the future. 

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