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The best types of gold investments today

There's more than one way you can benefit from gold investing today and protect your portfolio. Getty Images

There are plenty of reasons why gold can be worth adding to your portfolio today. Not only is it a good hedge against inflation and a solid store of value but it also offers a chance to diversify your portfolio amid fluctuations you may be experiencing elsewhere.

What's more, gold's current high price — and positive outlook from experts — make it even more appealing for investors who want to benefit from extra protection in today's environment.

But if you're looking to invest, it can help to know the types of gold investments that may be most valuable for you now. To start, learn more about available gold investing options with a free information kit.

The best types of gold investments today

Here are two types of gold investments you may want to consider today:

Gold IRAs

Gold is a great long-term investment choice for investors today because it can help protect your money during periods of uncertainty.

While today's investors may know how market volatility can impact a portfolio firsthand, incorporating some secure assets into your investment plan is important in the long run. If you're a long-term investor with decades before you need to access the wealth you've grown, you're bound to experience a number of economic ebbs and flows.

Gold can be useful for this because it generally goes against fluctuations in other markets. Historically, gold prices have risen or remained steady when the stock market experiences losses and it tends to hold value when the U.S. dollar goes down. Using gold to invest for the long-term today can help guard you against losses in today's economic environment and through uncertainty still to come.

What's more, specific types of gold investments, like gold IRAs, are designed for long-term investing with tax advantages for investors waiting to access their money until retirement. See how you can benefit from a gold IRA today with a free investors kit.

Physical gold

Now is a great time to invest in gold bullion, thanks to its growing price value. Whether you choose to own gold bars or coins yourself or work with a custodian to keep your physical gold safe, investing in gold bullion can help you benefit from its rising price directly.

Over the past few weeks, gold prices have rebounded to near all-time highs and steadily remain around $2,000 per ounce — an important threshold, since prices have only topped that amount a couple times before. But today's economic challenges, from mounting concerns of a recession to stubborn inflation and rising interest rates, have increased gold's demand — and could result in added value for investors today. 

In fact, some experts believe gold could increase to $2,100 to $2,200 before the end of this year, and even as high as $2,500 before next year is over. Though gold isn't typically seen as an asset used for growth, investors today could benefit from the value they'll gain as prices rise.

One other note

Some investors may value an asset's liquidity during periods of financial uncertainty. In general, it's good to hold onto investments so they can grow over long periods of time. But when times are tough, you may find it necessary to tap into your investments for cash.

That's why, in addition to its long-term value, gold is a good option for investors looking to maximize liquidity today ahead of an increasingly uncertain economic outlook. Gold is considered a liquid asset because you can quickly buy and sell it for cash value. Plus, because it's a good store of value, you don't have to worry about its value deteriorating when it's time to sell, compared to some other asset classes. 

In today's economy, holding some liquid investment assets may help give you peace of mind that you can access that value if you really need it.

Learn more about ways you can invest in gold with a free investment guide now.

The bottom line

If you're considering investing in gold, there are plenty of benefits that can add a sense of security amid today's volatile markets. Long-term investors can enjoy the stable returns of gold over time as its price hedges other markets and inflation through current and future rate environments. Or, if you're looking for potential returns, now is a good time to take advantage of rising prices directly with physical gold. Finally, using gold as a liquid investment can be a good way to ensure access to your money in case of any hardship you could face in a potential recession.

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