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Racy photos of Kate's sister, Pippa, in focus

Pippa Middleton's older sister, Kate Middleton, may have married a prince.

But Pippa still has tongues wagging.

Her bridesmaid outfit at the royal wedding, draping down her back, caused quite a stir. Some say it even stole the show from Kate.

There are even several Facebook pages devoted to Pippa.

But now, racy photos of her are drawing unwanted attention and making their way around the Web.

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One shows Pippa in a bra (or bikini top) and short white skirt in an apparent dance move, with a young man behind her, clad in boxer shorts (or a bathing suit), his arm holding her around her stomach.

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Photos: Pippa Middleton, sister to royalty

But on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter said the photos are "not that racy. But when you're the sister to the future queen of England, then it sort of kicks raciness up a notch.

"They were taken a couple of years ago. Yes, Pippa is in her underwear, but she's not doing anything illegal. They're the sort of pictures that crop up for pretty much any college student. It's just unfortunate that Pippa's learning about fame the hard way. "

Is the queen upset?

"It's not that she's angry," Arbiter said. "But by association, it's embarrassing for the royal family. The week after the wedding, the queen would much rather us be talking about the fact that William took part in two mountain rescues this week (in his role as a military helicopter pilot). But instead, Pippa's stunning. She made quite a splash at the wedding, and so, of course, that's what we're talking about. I'm sure (the queen is) going to be having a word to make sure these pictures are sat on and, hopefully, this will be the last we see of them."

Pippa "absolutely" didn't realize she'd be the subject of so much scrutiny, Arbiter says, "especially because these pictures were taken awhile ago. ... Pippa is a classy girl. She is a good girl. She's definitely got a twinkle in her eye. She's not quite as well-behaved as Kate, shall we say? But she goes into a nightclub looking fabulous and she comes out looking fabulous. She's not sort of falling all over the place, losing her mind."

Kate's new husband, Prince William, is "incredibly protective of the Middleton family," Arbiter points out. "He has a love/hate relationship with the media, in general. We simply have to look to what happened to his mother (Princess Diana, who died in the high-speed crash of a car being chased by paparazzi) to understand why. ... In the buildup to the wedding, we saw, when Carole Middleton was being attacked by the press, he stepped in and took care of it. So, I think we're going to see the same thing with this."

Co-anchor Russ Mitchell remarked that, "Everybody (was) watching the royal wedding and suddenly, Pippa steps out of the car and everybody goes, 'Who is that?"'

"She definitely made an impact," Arbiter agreed. "We've been used to seeing Pippa in a business suit, going off to work. She's definitely a career girl. And she got out of that car and it was, 'Wow!' We had no idea Pippa was hiding all of this.

"They're a beautiful family. But I think that dress, and from the back, she looked especially wonderful. And I mean, that's what's so incredible. Her bottom has now got a Facebook site!"

It had 205,000 followers, the last time Arbiter checked. "It's all in good taste," she added. "There's nothing vulgar or inappropriate. I think people are just having a bit of fun. And girls all over the world are wishing they had a bottom quite like Pippa's!"

Arbiter also discussed rumors that William's younger brother, Prince Harry, has his eyes on Pippa, and Arbiter talked about Pippa merchandize that's being sold, as well as the fact that replicas of her dress from the wedding are outselling those of Kate's.

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