Project Runway

This is a good night for TV for me since two of my favorite shows are on. "Project Runway" and "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Both shows involve serious talent. What is the challenge tonight? Can it beat, which in my opinion was the best episode and challenge ever, the dog challenge? We will see.

Tonight the models are in control, and finally get some say. Not only do they get to pick the designer they are working for, they also get to pick the fashion icon their designer will be modernizing a look for. The icons include Farrah, Marilyn, etc. I have never seen such craziness as when Tim Gunn said "Go!" for the models to pick their designer icons. These girls went bonkers.

Angela got Audrey Hepburn, Michael got Pam Grier, Robert got Jackie O, Jeffery got Madonna, Kayne got Marilyn, Uli got Diana Ross, Laura got Katherine Hepburn, Alison got Farrah, Vincent got Twiggy, and Bradley got Cher.

Tempers flare in the workroom when Jeffery attacks Angela for her sewing machine breaking. His head seems to be getting a little too big for the sewing room. Seems like everyone has been picking on Angela lately and Michael finally points it out — don't pick on Angela she won the last challenge with HER design. I really like Michael and I feel like he is the quiet storm and will be around to the end. At least I hope so.

Vincent seems to be having a mental block, and hates the fabric he picked so he gives it to Robert to use. Let's hope that Vincent doesn't want it back. Remember, everyone that they are designing for are icons, but they are supposed to modernize the look, which makes it a touch more difficult than just copying an old look of their icon.

Has anyone fallen in love with Bradley like my boyfriend and I have? He's just so different and unique but at the same time sincere. He seems like a real good guy and it's nice to see that. And he always pulls it together at the last minute — that's a good designer.

Kayne's new model Amanda seems to have a case of the chit chats, and won't stop talking. As much as it is annoying, I love that they are showing more of the models since they are a big part of this, too.

Surprise time — the designers learned that the winning design will be featured in an ad for Tresemme for Elle magazine! The stakes just went up. I can't wait for this runway show. The designs already look amazing on the mannequins.

Runway time, lets do it! Heidi looks great, as always. Does she ever have a bad hair day?! No immunity for the winner of this challenge. The judges are Nina Garcia, fashion editor for Elle, famous designer Michael Kors, and Diane Von Furstenberg. (If you don't know who any of these people are, you are watching the wrong show.)

Jeffery: His corset look was perfect for a modern day Madonna, well done.

Angela: Does a great job making a simple black dress modern with elegant twists such a ruffles and ruching

Vincent: I am not a fan of plaid, so this dress was a miss for me

Kayne: Hit the nail on the head. His dress made me think of a modern Marilyn. It was sexy.

Bradley: His top looks like it was made from tin foil but then again it was for Cher

Laura: Always the elegant one, her dress was so her!

Alison: Her clothes are always so well made and her dress was simple and chic.

Michael: His hot-pink hot-pants outfit was so hot I want to buy it right now.

Uli: WINNER (in my eyes)! Her clothes are so incredible and the prints she uses are so out of the box. Her dark purple dress with a hint of animal print was something that could be in Bergdorf Goodman right now.

Robert: He didn't hit the mark again this week. His design was boring and that tan color was, well, bleh.

Laura, Uli, Jeffery and Alison all move on to the next round, the six remaining have the highest and lowest scores. Time for grilling from the judges! The judges love on Kayne and his sense of the importance of presentation. Vincent gets slammed by the judges for his outfit not really screaming Twiggy. Michael gets praise for his attention to details and just a well put together outfit. Heidi tells Bradley his outfit looks like an old Halloween costume. Ouch! Heidi tells Angela she would love to have her dress in every color (me, too). What a compliment. Maybe she can take her up on that. The judges point out what we as viewers already know, that Robert misses the mark completely with his outfit for Jackie O.

Who will win and be featured in a Tresemme ad and who will be out? Angela, Vincent (he was so lucky), and Kayne are in. Michael is the winner of the challenge — YEAH! I am a big Michael fan. He's got talent, he's got class, he deserves it. Robert or Bradley is out. Bradley is out tonight. Bummer I really liked him, but his outfit was really bad. I wish this show was on every night. So, until next week, watch the reruns.