Procrastination envisioned as a humorous musical (with sexy lip-synch song bonus)

(CBS News) Did we just do a great post on The Feed dedicated to the delicate art of satire a moment ago that also included a musical number? Yes. Yes, we did. But when I saw that one of my favorite musical parody groups on the Internet literally just put out a new video dedicated to procrastination (which your blogger here knows a thing or two about), I just couldn't help myself.

The very humorous and satirical video entitled "Procrastination - The Musical" stars Elizabeth OldakMolly Gallagher, Tim Sampson, Marlena Hoffman, Joshua Israel, Kevin Gisi, and was posted by AVbyte (Antonius and Vijay Nazareth), who have been featured here on The Feed a few times before now, and who write about their latest:

Procrastinating is an ART! Watch as these people realize the importance of doing NOTHING!

Another amazing piece of work from AVbyte that has earned them a big triple-rainbow salute of... eh, you know what? I'll go ahead and finish that thought later (seriously, though, great work!).

And going in a totally different direction, the headline mentions a sexy lip-synch song bonus, and headlines never lie. Well, at least not too often, I hope. Getting back on track, watch below as some Victoria's Secret models perform a sexy lip-synch cover of Justin Bieber's "Beauty & A Beat".