A post dedicated to the art of satire (poking fun at NFL girlfriends and hipsters)

(CBS News) Your blogger here loves some good old fashioned satire. And when done right, it can truly be an art form. So let's take a look at two very solid cases of satire done right, starting with the sketch above devoted to the long-suffering gals who love the die-hard guys who love the NFL.

The tongue-in-cheek poke at professional football fans was created by The NOC, who have been featured on The Feed a few times for their sport-related parodies, and who write about this latest:

Behind every great fan is a great girlfriend. From those who care only about jersey colors to those who know the game better than their boyfriends, we honor them all.

And there are two things on the Internet I've noticed over a decade that people like to make fun of: hipsters and Nickelback. So what happens when you bring these two targets together into one great parody song? Go ahead and find out in this musical sketch by College Humor below.