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Poll: Clinton keeps New York edge, leads Sanders in California

Ahead of the New York Primary, Donald Trump leads the Republican field by more than 30 points, while Ted Cruz and John Kasich are in a tight race for second. Hillary Clinton holds a 12 points lead over Bernie Sanders in her adopted home state of New York
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By Anthony Salvanto, Fred Backus, Sarah Dutton and Jennifer De Pinto

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in New York, 53 percent to 43 percent, in a state widely considered crucial to both campaigns. The shape of this race hasn't changed much from recent primaries as Clinton still trails Sanders on measures like being seen as "authentic" and in understanding people, but has wide leads over Sanders on being specific about policies (61 percent say she is more specific) on effectiveness, and electability in November.


But for Sanders, supporters now describe their vote as meaning something more than just backing a candidate, as three-quarters consider themselves part of a movement larger than themselves. That's much more so than Clinton's backers feel about their vote, where most feel they're supporting a candidate whom they like, but don't see themselves part of a movement.

Clinton also leads in California, 52 percent to 40 percent. The primary will be held in June but the race for this large, final state already shows similar dynamics to what we've seen in many races so far, as perceptions of electability and effectiveness are propelling Clinton but she trails Sanders on measures like being seen as honest and trustworthy, and does much better with older voters than with younger ones.


Most Sanders voters in both New York and California think the Democrats' nomination process is unfair overall, while Clinton's tend to say it is fair. Sanders voters do not think the party's so-called superdelegates - the party leaders and officials who also get a vote on the nomination, and who can pick or change their pick - should have much say in the process.

In the wake of a fiery debate New Yorkers are most apt to feel each candidate has been about right in the amount of criticism they've leveled at each other, but those who feel Sanders has been too critical outnumber those who feel he hasn't been critical enough; and same for Clinton, where more think she has been too critical than feel she hasn't gone far enough. Rights and equality is the second-ranked issue of concern for New York Democrats, and California's as well, on a list behind jobs and the economy, and ahead of Wall Street reform and terrorism.

Bill Clinton is more likely to be a help to Hillary Clinton in New York, those most say it makes no difference. And in both New York and California Sanders leads on dealing with income inequality, while Clinton leads on dealing with health care and improving race relations.

Methodology for the poll can be found below:

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