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Two Colorado police officers charged after train hit patrol car with handcuffed woman inside

Charged: 2 officers in Platteville train-versus-police car collision
Charged: 2 officers in Platteville train-versus-police car collision 02:29

Two police officers have been charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts stemming from an incident in which they allegedly placed a handcuffed female suspect in a patrol car that was then hit by a train.

Sgt. Pablo Vazquez from the Platteville Police Department is charged with five counts of reckless endangerment and one count each of obstructing highway or other passageway, careless driving and parking where prohibited, the Weld County District Attorney's Office announced Monday. Officer Jordan Steinke of the Fort Lupton Police Department is charged with second degree assault, criminal attempt to commit manslaughter and reckless endangerment. 

On September 16, officers from both the Platteville Police Department and Fort Lupton Police Department responded to a reported road rage incident on Highway 85, CBS Colorado reported. Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, 20, was accused of threatening another with a gun, according to CBS Colorado.

In body camera video of the incident, Rios-Gonzalez is seen pulled over in front of some railroad tracks. She was then handcuffed and placed inside Vazquez's police cruiser, which he had stopped on the railroad tracks. As the officers searched Rios-Gonzalez's vehicle, a train whistle can be heard approaching. The police cruiser was then hit by the oncoming freight train with Rios-Gonzalez still in the back. 

Rios-Gonzalez suffered serious injuries following the collision, but has since been released from the hospital, according to CBS Colorado.

She is charged with one count of felony menacing, the Weld County District Attorney's Office said.

A CBS News Colorado investigation found that Vazquez had previously been labeled as a "significant" liability risk by another department he worked at.

Vazquez has been placed on leave. An attorney for Vazquez told CBS Colorado that they could not comment "until I see the full indictment."

Steinke's attorney told CBS Colorado, "Officer Steinke has faith in the judicial system and trusts she will receive her fair day in court."

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