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Pennsylvania Democrat won't run for reelection

Longtime Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady will not run for re-election, CBS Philadelphia reports.

Brady's decision to step away from Congress after 20 years comes after CBS News and other outlets reported in November he was under FBI scrutiny in a campaign finance probe. Corruption charges were filed against two of his aides last year. Brady, in a statement to CBS Philly, said he is no longer under investigation by the Justice Department. 

"This decision was not the result of any deal negotiated by my attorneys and the DOJ," Brady told the station. "Now that this cloud over my reputation has been removed, I have decided to announce my decision to retire from the U.S. Congress at the end of my current term in office."

Brady also mentioned that his decision comes as Pennsylvania is redrawing its congressional districts. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported that he would not run for re-election come November. 

Two political consultants were charged in the campaign finance probe involving Brady's reelection campaign, and an unsealed search warrant application in November had mentioned Brady as connected to the probe. Federal prosecutors in October said consultants Kenneth Smukler and Donald Jones planned a scheme for the Brady campaign to make an illicit $90,0000 campaign donation to Jimmie Moore, intended to pay down campaign debt. 

Brady's attorney told the Philadelphia Inquirer his announcement has nothing to do with the corruption probe. In an interview with the Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, Brady spoke of his wife. 

"I've been married for 21 years," Brady told the publication. "For twenty of those years, I've been going to Washington four days a week. I need to come back home."

To CBS3, Brady also mentioned the climate in Washington has worsened. 

"The climate in Washington doesn't suit me," Brady told the station. "It's rigid and as horrible as could be."

Brady is the ranking Democrat on the House Administration Committee, and has been since 2007.