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Eric Holder: Homegrown terror threat "keeps me up at night"

In a new interview with CBS News, Holder tells Jeff Pegues why he believes the U.S. is defeating ISIS
In a new interview with CBS News, Holder tell... 01:05

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder expressed his "great concern" over the threat of homegrown violent extremism in the U.S. It comes as the FBI director James Comey said this week that the bureau was investigating potential ISIS suspects in all 50 states. On Wednesday, three Brooklyn residents were charged with conspiring to support the militant network.

"It's something that keeps me up at night, worried about what these homegrown violent extremists are potentially capable of doing," Holder told CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

However, he believes the U.S. is winning the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"I think if you look at the recent battlefield successes that we've had, plans that are underway with regard to Mosul for instance, the degradation of ISIL leadership, I think we are winning," Holder told CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues. "This is not a battle that's going to be won overnight. It will take time, but I think ultimately ISIL will be destroyed."

Holder also said the country is safer now than before the Obama administration came into office.

"Al Qaeda's core, I think, has been decimated, but its offshoots are now things that we have to be concerned about, that we were not concerned about when I think this administration started. And then the homegrown ... component to this struggle is something that is that is new," he said.

In the interview, he also said he stands by his comments about police and race. He said "hard truths" need to be faced.

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