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Oscars 2015: How was Neil Patrick Harris as host?

Neil Patrick Harris made jokes about Hollywood and this year's nominated movies -- and even showed up on the Oscars stage in only his underwear.

The first-time host kicked off the 2015 Oscars with a major zinger about diversity and the Academy Awards: "Today we honor Hollywood's best and whitest... I mean brightest."

He then headed straight into opening song, "Moving Pictures," where he paid tribute the history of Hollywood. Joined by Anna Kendrick and Jack Black during the number, Harris had the crowd smiling -- and even got best actor nominee Benedict Cumberbatch involved.

"No one's drunk and bitter yet 'cause no one has lost," Harris sang as the camera panned to Cumberbatch drinking from a flask.

The humor continued throughout the monologue, where Harris joked about Kanye West's habit of interrupting at awards shows.

He also pointed out how much money Oprah Winfrey rakes in.

"Congratulations to all the nominees, especially for the eight films up for best picture. They have grossed over $600 million," Harris said.

Oscars 2015 host

How did Neil Patrick Harris do?

"'American Sniper' alone is responsible for over $300 million of that," Harris said. "So congratulations to them. o put that in perspective, everyone on this side of the theater is the 7 other nominees and American Sniper is Oprah."

"Because you're rich," Harris said as Winfrey looked on.

Harris brought up the Oscars diversity topic later, too. After the crowd applauded for "Selma" actor David Oyelowo, he said, "Oh, sure, now you like him?"

Later, he stripped to his tighty whities -- a la "Birdman" -- and said, "Acting is a noble profession."

Read on for some of his other stand-out jokes:

"The subject of 'Citizenfour,' Edward Snowden, couldn't be here tonight for some treason."

"Benedict Cumberbatch: the name you get when you ask John Travolta to announce Ben Affleck."

"Chris Kyle was responsible for over 160 confirmed kills...or as Harvey Weinstein would call it, 'a slow morning.'"

"Welcome back to the Oscars, or as I like to think of it, the Dependent Spirit Awards."

Tell us: How do you think Harris is doing as host?

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