Obama camp keeps memory of Gingrich campaign alive


(CBS News) Newt Gingrich is set to officially suspend his campaign for president on Wednesday, but the Obama campaign will be keeping its memory alive for at least another day.

During the Republican primary, the former House speaker was never shy about expressing his low opinion of Mitt Romney, now the presumptive GOP nominee, and the Obama campaign is now predictably milking Gingrich's past criticisms of Romney for all they're worth.

Obama for America, President Obama's re-election campaign, released a web video Wednesday morning with a compilation of Gingrich's attacks on Romney. Set to ominous music, the 90-second video goes through Gingrich's negative remarks about Romney's business record, his inability to inspire people, his position on immigration and his campaign's lack of transparency. The video caps off the montage with Gingrich's appearance on CBS earlier this year in which he called Romney a liar.

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The video comes one day after Obama for America released a television advertisement slamming Romney for his "Swiss bank account" -- a line of attack Gingrich used in the primary.

Gingrich is expected to throw his support behind Romney after he suspends his campaign, though in a web video to his supporters released yesterday, Gingrich made no mention of Romney. He did, however, say, "All of us have an obligation, I think, to do everything we can to defeat Barack Obama."

In an interview with USA Today on Tuesday, Gingrich acknowledged that while Romney won the primary, "We sure didn't give it to him. We did everything we could to slug it out with him, and he ended up being tough enough and being good enough at raising money" to prevail.