NSA phone records debate, Weiner scandal make news on Sunday

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., says the U.S. is "certainly playing for our best-worst option" in Syria.

The National Security Administration's phone records collection is either unconstitutional or it's saving lives every day, depending on which "Face the Nation" guest you listened to Sunday. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said the controversial program has "zero privacy violations" and has disrupted 54 terrorist plots since its inception post-9/11. On the other hand, Sen. Udall has serious concerns about the program's constitutionality.

Read the Denver Post, National ReviewUnited Press InternationalThe Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Examiner for more on the competing arguments.

Bloomberg takes a closer look at how Udall and other Senate Democrats would like to curb the program's reach. 

Looking abroad, Rogers painted a bleak picture of the situation in Syria. Read The Hill to see why he says the U.S. "is left hoping for its 'best worst option' in addressing the ongoing Syrian civil war." 

Former Clinton administration press secretary Dee Dee Myers spoke about the Anthony Weiner scandal -The New York Times includes her comments in a story headlined, "National Figures Call for Weiner to Leave Mayor's Race."  The New York Daily News ran a similar story with a more aggressive headline, "Anthony Weiner 'a waste of space': Key Dems tell NY mayor wannabe to end run." Politico has the full rundown on what Myers said. The Wall Street JournalNew York Magazine, and The Hill also took a look at Myers' comments.  

Myers later said she misspoke when she said the Clintons wish Weiner would drop out. She explained that what she meant to say was that "I'm sure they wish the whole story would go away. We all do."