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Norway camp attack victim: We were sitting ducks

Adrian Pracon survived the rampage at the youth camp north of Oslo, Norway in which a gunman killed at least 84 people.

Pracon was shot in the shoulder, but stayed alive by, among other things, playing dead and grabbing onto bodies around him.

From his hospital bed, Pracon told "Early Show on Saturday Morning" co-anchor Russ Mitchell that, when the shooting began, "To be honest, I really didn't care, because I was sure that they weren't gunshots. I thought that maybe somebody hammered something or maybe it was a toy gun."

But, when he "saw people running uphill and just falling on the way because they got shot in the back or the head or got shot -- then I realized, 'OK, this is -- this is not right.' But I still am in denial of that this was real. Because it was so - surreal."

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Then, said Pracon, "One of my colleagues that I was working with ... fell right in front of me. From getting shot of this gunman.

"And people started to approach (the man who turned out to be a gunman), because they thought maybe this was a game or a training. So they started to talk to him, and he just pulled out the gun and shot everybody down. That's when people started running, and me, as well. It's time to dodge the bullets that were just passing our heads because it was a large, open field. He just stood and shot at people like they were sitting ducks."

How did Pracon survive?

"The first thing I did was to run and, of course, no one on the island was alone. We were all as a team. And we were supporting each other. And I believe that did actually save me. Because if someone didn't push me to run faster and keep lower, I would be dead.

"Also, by jumping in the water and trying to swim, could save me. And playing dead among dead bodies at the end of the shooting spree did also help. He just tried to see if I was dead or alive. He shot me in the shoulder, and now I'm alive. It's so tragic that so many people aren't."

As it all began, Pracon said, he "was sure about this was a joke, that this was just training. It couldn't be real. It couldn't be real. Why should someone do that in an island with youth in Norway? It's just so weird.

"But after first, I'm facing the gun barrel, and also almost drowning once, I did lower my expectations for survival for myself from this island. I posted on Facebook and Twitter my last pages, that was shooting spree and I love you all."