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Nicki Minaj confirms her rap wasn't a Mitt Romney endorsement

Nicki Minaj performs on NBC's "Today" show on Aug. 14, 2012 in New York. AP

(CBS/AP) It's official: Nicki Minaj did not endorse Mitt Romney in a recent rap.

The rapper is known to take on different personas in her music and as expected, her recent mixtape appearance was no different.

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Minaj confirmed on Twitter that she was taking literary license when she referenced the Republican nominee for president. Some took her words to mean she was backing President Barack Obama's opponent.

Not Obama, though, who told radio station WPYO-FM in Orlando, Fla., that he didn't think it was a Romney plug, adding: "She likes to play different characters."

In her tweet, Minaj thanked Obama for understanding "my creative humor and sarcasm," then noted: "the smart ones always do...sends love & support."

Minaj rapped the verse in question while making an appearance on the Lil Wayne mix tape track "Mercy."

Last month, there were reports that Minaj had been working on a deal to become an "American Idol" judge, but nothing has officially been announced.

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