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Woman who spent her first Mother's Day in the NICU gets her "happy ending"

New mom gets "happy ending" after Mother's Day in NICU
New mom gets "happy ending" after Mother's Day in NICU 01:56

When twins Mitchell and Maksim Laubach were born weighing just 3 and 4 pounds at Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan, the world was in the throes of a pandemic. 

It was April 2020 when their mother, Jen Laubach, went into labor early while she was sick with COVID-19. Their father, Andre Laubach, also had COVID-19 and couldn't be there for their births. 

"These kids really came into this world against all odds," Jen Laubach told CBS News in 2020. 

The couple couldn't see their twin boys in person for three weeks and had to rely on FaceTime. 

Two years later, the twins have a baby sister, Liv Laubach, who was born in February with no complications. 

"I've bonded with her so much already and I didn't get that with the boys," Jen Laubach recently told CBS News. "I'll never get that time back and that's hard for me as a mom because those first few weeks and days are so important with your child."

She said the experience with Liv has helped heal the wounds of her experience with her twins. 

"Andre was able to be there," she said. "I wasn't isolated and alone. When she was born, they placed her right on my chest." 

Jen Laubach's first Mother's Day was spent in the neonatal intensive care unit. This year's will be in a home full of laughter. 

"Despite how hard it was for us, we're healthy and we're strong now," Andre Laubach said. "And, you know, we have a happy ending." 

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